Advisory Services Panel – Tustin, California


Date: June 11 – 16, 2006

Location: Tustin, CA

Sponsor: City of Tustin

Chair: Richard J. Dishnica

Subject Area: Neighborhood Revitalization, Workforce and Affordable Housing

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Summary of Recommendations:

A ULI Advisory Services panel was invited by the city of Tustin to help evaluate infill development opportunities for the expansion of residential housing and for commercial revitalization activities. After evaluating the three study areas, the panel found it more appropriate to combine them into one study area that better defined the area of influence and opportunity for analysis and recommendations.

The panel proposed a strong community visioning process that in turn would foster a sense of place for residents and establish the study area’s role within the city and the region. Out of the four subareas studied, the panel saw that Center City and the Newport Avenue corridor held the best opportunities for redevelopment and mixed-use design. The other two areas, Southern Gateway and West Village, needed to focus on preservation and improvement of housing conditions. These new developments had to reflect the community’s needs and desires, especially for an ample amount of workforce and affordable housing. The development of a Community Development Corporation (CDC) assisted in the acquisition and assembly of land for development and advanced private sector market-driven redevelopments. The panel also recommended for the city to foster the application of a full range of public/private financing mechanisms to support the creation of new affordable housing and community revitalization. Although the recommendations seemed extensive, they could be implemented if the city could establish a community vision, set polices that encouraged revitalization, and streamlined the development approval process.

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