Advisory Services Panel – Tradition, Biloxi MS


Date: January 13–18, 2008

Location: Columbus Communities

Sponsor: Biloxi, MS

Chair: Daniel C. Van Epp

Subject Area: Sustainable Development

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Summary of Recommendations:

Columbus Communities invited the first-ever ULI Sustainable Development Panel to help define and recommend appropriate sustainable development practices for Tradition, a master planned community in Biloxi, Mississippi. The panel proposed for Tradition to adopt a triple bottom line of economic, environmental, and social sustainability to guide the project’s evolution and development for the future. Within the proposal, the panel broke down major sustainable policies into immediate, midterm, and long term actions.

Economically sustainable communities offer many opportunities to work within the community, foster new businesses, and provide financial returns to developers, homeowners, and the surrounding region. The panel suggested that Tradition immediately work with state and local development agencies in order to attract new businesses. In the long term, Tradition should become a partner in regional efforts of ecotourism. Socially sustainable communities provide opportunities for people to live, work and actively participate in the area where they live. Panel suggested that Tradition provide amenities to support the community, and establish a regular program of community events. The panel educated Tradition that to be an environmentally sustainable community, Tradition must integrate natural and human systems into long-term community health and well-being. Therefore panel suggested that Tradition reduce automobile dependency while improving mobility and access at the same time. All of these recommendations should be measured through benchmarks established by Tradition, and reviewed every couple of months to ensure completion.

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