Advisory Services Panel – Springfield, VA

Date: May 21 – 26, 2006
Location: Springfield, VA
Sponsor: Fairfax County
Chair: David L. Leininger
Subject Area: Regional Growth and Planning, Urban Design

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Summary of Recommendations:

Fairfax County invited a ULI Advisory Service panel to help identify redevelopment opportunities and identify and address issues of concern regarding transportation for the Springfield area. The panel saw the Springfield redevelopment as two distinct zones: a regional center and a town center. It was unanimously agreed by the panel that Springfield had the potential to reinvent itself as a distinct place within the Washington metropolitan area.

First and foremost, the panel expressed that Springfield needed to create a sense of place, and its own unique identity. By playing off of its name, SPRINGfield, the panel felt that any new developments should incorporate lots of water fountains and features. The suggested design for the Southeast Quadrant, featuring the Springfield Mall, was to turn it into a mixed-use regional destination complex. For the Northwest Quadrant, the panel proposed a pedestrian friendly main street linking two distinct areas, the Town Square and Midtown Springfield. The panel’s transportation specialists agreed that a customized transportation system that supported proposed land uses would need to be developed. With an increase in population and visiting traffic, the county needed to create a more efficient and effective transportation network. The creation of a Community Development Authority and the hiring of associated staff members would aid in the development of a community visioning process. The panel also recommended that the General Services Administration and Engineer Proving Ground sites be looked over and planned for in advance because their eventual buildup would have large impacts on all of Springfield.

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