Advisory Services Panel – Salem, Oregon

Salem Cover

Date: June 25-30, 2006

Location: Salem, Oregon

Sponsor: City of Salem, Boise Cascade, and the Strategic Economic Development Corporation (SEDCOR)

Chair: Charles A. Long

Subject Area: Downtown Revitalization

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Summary of Recommendations:

The city of Salem and Boise Cascade invited a ULI Advisory Services panel to evaluate the development opportunities for riverfront properties in downtown Salem. The panel was also asked to consider possibilities for profitably redeveloping the Boise Cascade properties and relocating within Salem the jobs the company contributes to the community. It was recommended by the panel that a full redevelopment program should be implemented at the site, including new amenities such as condominiums, office space, retail space, restaurants, and more parking.

The first recommendation from the panel was to promptly rezone the property for mixed-use, allowing value and interest to generate on the Boise Cascade site. Once a spot within the city was found to support the paper products production plant, the industrial processes were to move there, vacating the site, but keeping jobs inside the city of Salem. After relocating the workers, the site was to be divided up into five smaller parcels. Each parcel had its own character and its own phasing schedule to adapt to market changes. Together the five parcels formed a campus of urban renewal, through the adaptive reuse of industrial buildings and creation of new ones. The final development encompassed new office space, parking, loft units, condominiums, waterfront dining, retail, double the park space, and many new pedestrian connections. Two proposed bridges, one over Pringle Creek and one to Minto Island would connect downtown to the environmental assets Salem has to offer. The partnership between the city and Boise Cascade needed to be steadfast and honest, or else the development would not end in the win-win position that it could.

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