Advisory Services Panel – Pungo Crossing, Virginia Beach, Virginia


Date: June 11 – 16, 2006 Location: Virginia Beach, VA Sponsor: City of Virginia Beach Chair: Franklin A. Martin Subject Area: Neighborhood Revitalization, Sustainable Development


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Summary of Recommendations

The city of Virginia Beach invited the ULI panel to perform a land use study of the Pungo Crossing area, immediately around Indian River and Princess Anne roads. The panel believed that Pungo Crossing could be revitalized and improved without compromising the integrity of the rural line that had already been established by the city. The panel found that Pungo Crossing offered unique and valuable outdoor recreation and open-space opportunities not available in most metropolitan areas, and these had to be preserved. Therefore the panel concluded that a moratorium on development ought to be established for the farmland outside the neighborhood center. The panel also proposed that sustainability be the cornerstone of all new development within Pungo Crossing, and as a result the town would become less car dependent for day to day activities. The planning and design recommendations made by the panel were to create gateways at the southern and northern end of the settlement, to divide the town into quadrants with individual characteristics, and to adopt an architectural code preserving the rural feel of the community. In order to promote the Pungo region as a regional amenity, servicing Virginia Beach, an aggressive marketing strategy had to be created. The panel envisioned a complex public/private partnership, using funds from different entities, spearheading the project. These recommendations hoped to lead to the preservation of the city’s rural area and the rebirth of Pungo Crossing as a vibrant gathering place for the community.

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