Advisory Services Panel – Pasco County, FL


Date: April 20–25, 2008

Location: Pasco County, Florida

Sponsor: Pasco County

Chair: Alex Rose

Subject Area: Regional Growth and Planning

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Summary of Recommendations:

The Pasco County Board of County Commissioners and the Pasco Economic Development Council (PEDC) asked the panel to help identify the concerns the county faced from the recent period of high growth. They additionally asked the panel to suggest alternative organizational structures and processes that would make the development process more efficient. Two broad themes for Pasco County came into the panels mind: 1) economic development and smart land use 2) county organization. The success and execution of economic development and land use was dependent on the implementation of new county organization.

It was crucial that the five different market areas that panel selected were treated as completely individual and independent entities. They each had to have their own vision, mission, and strategies tailored to their strengths as a unique market inside the county. But before any development could occur in Pasco it was absolutely necessary for improvement within the planning and regulatory system. This included improvement in the organizational structure, codes and standards, decision processes, and customer service. The development services branch had to be transformed into a planning department that focused on long-term strategic decisions just as often as it focused on short-term decisions. Finally, a new consolidated and well-organized development ordinance needed to be created as a guide for all upcoming expansion in Pasco County.

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