Advisory Services Panel – Pascagoula, Mississippi


Date: June 18 – 21, 2007

Location: Pascagoula, MS

Sponsor: City of Pascagoula, the LIFE Foundation, Fannie Mae Mississippi

Chair: Laurin McCracken

Subject Area: Disaster Response, Neighborhood Revitalization

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Summary of Recommendations:

The city of Pascagoula asked the panel to explore a variety of issues affecting the successful redevelopment of the Live Oak Site in coastal Mississippi. The panel recognized that successful development of the Live Oak Site had to complement other development that was already underway in the city, most notably downtown and at the waterfront. It was important that new development capitalized on Pascagoula’s unique characteristics and strong market demand for housing and retail.

Four different development schemes were created by the panel to show a variety of ways that Live Oak could achieve the goals of: housing and retail, cultural venues, job imbalance, and better connections. The panel strongly encouraged the acquisition of frontage parcels along U.S. highway 90 and Market Street, as that land was included in all four development scenarios that were proposed. The city would then choose the development strategy which best complemented the development occurring along the riverfront and downtown. In order to successfully complete the Live Oak site, the city needed to better publicize the project, and develop partnerships with private developers. Additional staff positions also needed to be created in order to manage and promote the development activity.

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