Advisory Services Panel – Lake Norman Area, Charlotte NC


Date: January 25–29, 2010

Location: Charlotte, NC

Sponsor: Lake Norman Transportation Commission (LNTC) and the towns of Huntersville, Cornelius, Davidson, and Mooresville

Chair: Glenda E. Hood

Subject Area: Transit-Oriented Development

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The LNTC requested that the panel provide advice on the following issues:

  • Economic development: Review and comment on the economic overview, outlook, and growth potentials for the Lake Norman area.
  •  Review and comment on current and projected adequacy in state and local funding sources for roads and rail.
  • Comment on potential or branding opportunities for the territory between downtown Charlotte and Statesville.
  • Review relevant municipal policies of the four towns for consistencies in planning and regulations.
  • Provide suggestions on more effective land use decisions, suggestions for improving connectivity and air quality, and correlation of small area plans to road and rail infrastructure.

Summary of Recommendations

Proposed route and the 11 station sites for the North Main Line and the connection between the Lake Norman area and the city of Charlotte.

  • Remind leaders that the Lake Norman area is included in Charlotte’s Centers, Corridors, and Wedges Growth Framework, which is also part of the 2025 Transit/Land Use Plan for the region.
  • Rebrand the corridor as the new North Main Line.
  • Ensure that transit supports the Transit/Land Use Plan’s strategy, for mobility.
  • Understand and develop the potential for transit-oriented development (TOD).
  • Plan for new north–south parkway east of NC 115 and the Norfolk Southern “O” line to relieve pressure on I-77 and ensure multimodal connectivity.
  • Identify revenue streams from a variety of sources for both road and rail funding.
  • Consider using a combination of tax increment financing and special assessment districts in the four towns as a means to “ante up” matching funds to accelerate federal and state funding of the commuter rail line.
  • Engage with Charlotte and Mecklenburg County regarding the positive economic development that is possible in the Lake Norman area with and without the commuter rail.
  • Evaluate public/private partnerships.
  • Analyze, develop, and promote regional benefits of transportation capacity investments in the North Main Line.
  • Speak with one voice as part of the Charlotte region.

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