Advisory Services Panel – Department of Defense Range Sustainability

Date: November 14 – 16, 2006

Location: Washington, DC

Sponsors: U.S. Department of Defense and the U.S. Marine Corps

Chair: Alex Rose

Subject Area: Sustainability, Growth Management

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Summary of Recommendations:

The Department of Defense (DOD) and Marstel-Day, LLC asked ULI to convene an advisory panel to provide advice and recommendations regarding how military installations and the civilian development community could better address the issue of range sustainability. The panel suggested a more comprehensive and collaborative effort to allow dialogue and communications among the military, real estate developers, and local governments.

By understanding the overarching principles of real estate development, the DOD could properly consider a comprehensive set of guidelines and organizational changes to help meet its range sustainability goals. The panel promoted these four principles: 1) real estate development is relationship-driven 2) the military is a player in the development community and needs to think and act like it 3) the responsibility is on the military to learn, understand, and engage the land use process 4) the military needs to know what is happening outside the military fence. The military needed to use existing tools, develop new tools, and focus on implementation of these tools to help address range sustainability issues. Enhancing the use of the Joint Land Use Study and the concept of an installation liaison office was suggested by panel. The liaison office would not only carry the message of range sustainability to the localities, but also convince the installation commanders that engagement with the local land use process is paramount. Overall recommendations suggested that the DOD and the military services engage in the land use process, educate their audiences, and understand how developers and the land use process work.


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