Advisory Services Panel – Baileys Crossroads, VA


Date: December 3 – 8, 2006

Location: Baileys Crossroads, VA

Primary Sponsor: Fairfax County Board of Supervisors

Chair: Wayne Ratkovich

Subject Area: Downtown Revitalization, Transportation Infrastructure and Management, Regional Growth and Planning

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Summary of Recommendations:

The Advisory Services panel was challenged by Fairfax County to create a strategy revitalizing Baileys Crossroads as a more urban place than it previously was, while creating better physical links and remaining compatible with neighboring districts. The panel encouraged Baileys Crossroads to adopt a design vision of creating a more up-to-date, urban character by increasing density, mixing uses, and improving the transportation network.

The Columbia Pike Streetcar would be the first step in urbanizing Baileys Crossroads. This would enable residents to connect to regional transit and bring people from around the region into Baileys Crossroads. Stops along the streetcar route would be used to define neighborhoods, with quarter-mile walking distances used to delineate boundaries. Each of these districts would have their own character and identity, some with high density and mixed-use developments (Skyline, Urban Square), and others with a more traditional residential feel (Community Core, Neighborhood Boulevard). This higher-density plan would call for attractive parks and squares, linked by safe and convenient pedestrian ways. One of the recommendations of the panel was to allow some of the outer neighborhood to grow organically, offering a unique shopping draw in the form of ethnic restaurants and interesting commercial. The panel felt that this would offer a refreshing contrast to the chain-store world. A Community Development Authority (CDA) was needed in order to bring focus to the issues and dynamics considered necessary to transform Baileys Crossroads. The CDA would need its own dedicated staff, with an overall goal of creating a 20 to 50 year vision for the surrounding communities. There was little doubt that Baileys Crossroads would continue to grow, but the challenge was to see that it also got better as it got bigger.



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