Advisory Services Panel – Annandale, Virginia


Date: June 3 – 8, 2007

Location: Annandale, VA

Sponsor: Fairfax County Department of Housing and Community Development

Chair: Alex J. Rose

Subject Area: Neighborhood Revitalization, Transportation Infrastructure and Management, Regional Growth and Planning

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Summary of Recommendations

The ULI panel was invited by Fairfax County to recommend strategies for revitalizing the Annandale Community Business Center. Fairfax County encouraged the panel to advocate strategies for revitalizing the area as a more vibrant, pedestrian-oriented, mixed-use center. The panel suggested that Annandale create a consistent, long-term strategy that engaged the entire community and encouraged incremental development.

Because Annandale was very diverse, with a large Korean and Asian population, opportunities existed to make it a regional destination for ethnic retailers, restaurants, and services. Catalytic projects were necessary at key locations to encourage and put a bold face on new development (ex. Transit center, civic park). Annandale also had to integrate and balance the circulation needs of regional commuters, local businesses, visitors, and residents. A proposed two-way loop would distribute through traffic around the commercial area and open up land bays for walkable town-center development.  Revitalization would require broad community engagement, with planning and meetings held in different languages to attract a larger audience. The creation of a tax increment financing (TIF) districts could be used to finance new infrastructure, and public-private partnerships would be a necessity. Landowners and developers were already willing to invest in Annandale’s future at the time the panel visited; therefore the time to act was immediately.

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