Advisory Panel – South Dallas County


Date: June 25-30, 2006

Location: Southern Dallas County, TX

Sponsor: City of Dallas

Chair: Michael R. Buchanan

Subject Area: Regional Growth and Planning, Public Infrastructure

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Summary of Recommendations:

The city of Dallas asked the ULI Advisory Services panel to clarify and explore the city’s options as it moved forward with participating municipalities in developing an “inland port” to exploit the influx of trade. After reviewing the site location and existing infrastructure, the panel saw that southern Dallas County was the perfect setting for international freight and intermodal logistics facilities. The panel pointed out that the city must also create a livable community, and not just a logistics hub.

The area, a highly desirable location for expansion of the metroplex’s inland port capabilities, was well positioned to accommodate long-term market demands. The panel suggested that preparation of the master plan begin as soon as possible, and that it would have to provide a cohesive vision for the entire area (even cutting across multiple jurisdictions). The master plan would provide a framework for phasing schedules and capacities of infrastructure investments. The designation and preservation of land for manufacturing was an important investment for future expansion of the site. Keeping residents informed and involving them early in the planning process was also a crucial step to successful development. The panel recommended the establishment of an “advisory council” of port authorities to identify and create opportunities for cooperation between stakeholders. Also recommended was the creation of an alliance with U.S. and Mexican freight carriers to better meet their shipping needs. Creative and cooperative approaches were proposed for securing the necessary funding needed to construct the infrastructure (water, sewage management, new roads). Some included: tax increment financing, agreements with private investors, and special-purpose districts. Southern Dallas County had all the necessary advice from panel needed to create a successful international logistics hub.

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