Advisory Panel — Eastland Mall


Date: March 5 – 8, 2007


Sponsor: City of Charlotte, Glimcher Realty Trust

Chair: David L. Leininger

Subject Area: Economic Development, Urban Design

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Summary of Recommendations:

The city of Charlotte,North Carolina and Glimcher Realty Trust asked the Advisory Services panel to evaluate the redevelopment potential of the Eastland Mall. The panel explored alternative uses of the site, such as new stores or adaptive reuses for the building, but ended up preferring a development proposal for full site transformation from a retail destination to a true mixed-use center.

Full transformation of the site required assembly of the land parcels, removal of the existing structures, and building replacement with an integrated mix of retail, commercial, residential, civic, and recreational uses. The centerpiece of the proposal called for a 600-ft long “Main Street” lined with retail and service uses. This catalytic project would be the first of many in a 10 year development schema. Pedestrian actively, civic spaces, residential districts, and even space for future connections to the surrounding neighborhoods were proposed by the panel. In order for the successful implementation to occur, requirements for city infrastructure support would need to be determined. A master developer would need to draft the final master plan and work with rezoning the site. The use of public investments was strongly encouraged, as the whole city would benefit from this grand development. A long-term management strategy for maintenance and safety should also be created. The panel knew that the real benefits for the community

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