ULI: Where The Future Is Built

The built environment forms the places and spaces where life unfolds. More than just physical landscape, it’s the canvas for creating our careers, our pastimes, and our communities. As this world grows increasingly complex, so do the challenges we face as an industry.

What is developed and built today sets the course of the future. That direct link between land use and aggregate individual potential is a responsibility that ULI’s global network takes seriously.

ULI brings together a unique hybrid of research, education, thought leadership, and hands-on experience to share knowledge from generation to generation, across every discipline, and with input and experience from every corner of the globe offered freely and openly.

There is a shared mindset of higher purpose with respect to what is done on the ground. There is a drive to make a difference, to make the world better through what is added to the built environment.

Project by project, area by area, community by community, bit by bit, connecting the local to the global. Leading the way in problem-solving solutions that shape a future where everyone can thrive is the fulfillment of ULI’s potential.

ULI — Where the Future is Built.

Together, these three words restate the mission statement in its most elemental form, reflecting and reinforcing ULI’s commitment to shaping the built environment with an eye toward the future, adapting collective experience to address pressing global and local challenges in order to effect transformative impact in communities worldwide.