ENER[GIE]NGER — 2011 Global Award for Excellence Winner


In November 2006 with the idea of an “energy spiral”, Peter Lorenz won the contract put up for tender by the property developer. The geometry of a “band-spiral” creates a unique tunnel-like area, which by means of the side intersection surfaces exposed to light, throws a fascinating ray of light onto the slanting walls….
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The Pinnacle @ Duxton — 2011 Global Award for Excellence Winner

Pinnacle @ Duxton

The Pinnacle@Duxton is an outstanding example of how HDB confronts the challenge of meeting housing needs in an urbanized setting with innovative solutions that address the social, physical and economic issues of public housing – with the added dimension of revitalizing a historic city area….
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Wolverton Park — 2011 Global Award for Excellence Winner

Wolverton Park

At Wolverton Park, just outside of Milton Keynes, a historic former railway works has undergone a stunning transformation into a 21st Century mixed use community. Places for People has redeveloped the 10.5 acre sit, which borders the Grand Union Canal, to provide 300 mixed-tenure homes alongside commercial space, community facilities and a 2.5 acre park….
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The Eastside Project — 2011 Global Award for Excellence Winner

Eastside Redevelopment Phases I and II

The Eastside Project transforms a patchwork of 14.3 acres of distressed land in the heart of Pittsburgh’s east end into a zipper development that borrows economic strength from the affluent neighborhoods of Shadyside, Friendship and Highland Park to fuel the redevelopment of East Liberty, a commercial center plagued by a 40 year slide into decline. …
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