Mumuth Music Theatre — 2010 Global Award for Excellence Winner


UNStudio designed the building for the University Music and Performing Arts (KUG) in Graz in 1998-99. The construction of Mumuth started in 2006, with the official opening taking place on March 1st, 2009. From the beginning, it was clear that Mumuth would be used by students as well as visitors for the theatre. The design is therefore oriented around the “Blob-to-Box” model, consisting of a spiral whose ends are interwoven with its middle to generate the internal organization, which is dividedinto two parts: The “blob” gives shape to the public spaces, including the foyer in the second floor, while the ‘box’ covers all other areas, including the performance theater….
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Palazzo Tornabuoni — 2010 Global Award for Excellence Winner


Palazzo Tornabuoni is a full city block (17,000 m2), mixed-use project featuring Italy’s first Private Residence Club, luxury retailers, office and restaurants. Club Tornabuoni is housed in this magnificant 15th century palace, formerly owned by the Medici during the Renaissance and occupied by Pope Leo XI. …
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Newton Suites — 2010 Global Award for Excellence Winner

Newton Suites

The site is at the edge of a high-rise zone and fronts a height-controlled area that afforads expansive views of the central nature reserves;a rare luxury in densely built Singapore. This 36-story development is a study in environmental solutions to high rise living that adopts a variety of issues to control the climate in a passive way for tropical living conditions, such as vertical green walls and protruding large balconies. The design integrates several sustainable devices, such as sunshading elements and creeper screens, into a contemporary architectural composition, creating a sustainable, contemporary addition to the city skyline….
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Miasteczko Wilanów — 2010 Global Award for Excellence Winner

Miasteczko Wilanów

Miasteczko Wilanów (MW) is the ongoing construction of a coherent neighborhood on 169 hectares within the boundaries of the city of Warsaw. A city shattered during the 20th century by two wars, over the last two decades Warsaw has too often been developed in an opportunistic, short term, incoherent way….
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