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2015 Global Awards for Excelllence

2015 ULI Global Awards for Excellence Finalists

October 6, 2015  |  Length: 4:15

Since 1979, ULI has honored outstanding development projects in both the private and public sectors with the ULI Global Awards for Excellence program, which today is widely recognized as the development community’s...

Thousand Lantern Lake Park System

2015 ULI Urban Open Space Award Finalists

October 6, 2015  |  Length: 4:08

The ULI Urban Open Space Award celebrates and promotes vibrant, successful urban open spaces by annually recognizing and rewarding an outstanding example of a public destination that has enriched and revitalized its...

Young Leaders paint inspirational murals in the hallways of Burke Elementary School in Chicago during a ULI Chicago volunteer event on November 8, 2014.

Why ULI: Giving Back

October 4, 2015  |  Length: 0:45

Hear how these ULI Members give back with the Urban Land Institute. Join ULI today...

L-R: Patrick Reed, Sebastian Dern, Daniel Moreno Holt, and Ashley Grzywa, from Team 153141, from the University of Maryland, presents during the 2015 ULI Hines Competition. The final judging of the 2015 ULI Hines Competition took place on April 9, 2015 at the New Orleans Museum of Art in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Why ULI: Learning & Education

October 3, 2015  |  Length: 1:04

Hear these ULI Members share their learning and education experiences with the Urban Land Institute. Join ULI today...

ULI MidWinter Meeting 2015, Intercontinental Le Grand, Paris - 5th & 6th February 2015

* Amlan Roy of Credit Suisse

Why ULI: Connecting & Convening

October 3, 2015  |  Length: 1:04

Hear how the Urban Land Institute helps these ULI Members connect with others in the real estate industry. Join ULI today...

Peter Weingarten, Jonathan H. Brinsden, Scott Johnson. The Evolving ÃMixà in Mixed Use. 2015 ULI Spring Meeting, Houston Texas


October 3, 2015  |  Length: 2:08

Hear why these members joined and are involved with the Urban Land Institute. Join ULI today...


ULI Annual Fund: Better Communities Through Education

October 3, 2015  |  Length: 4:04

ULI Annual Fund contributions make it possible for the institute to offer UrbanPlan to more than 2,600 high school and college students across the globe each year. Together we can do more.  Give...

Healthy Corridors

Building Healthy Corridors

October 3, 2015  |  Length: 5:02

How can outdated retail and auto-dominated strips be transformed into corridors that are safe, healthy, vibrant, and mixed-use? Learn more at  ...

Affordable Housing

The Affordable Housing Crisis

October 3, 2015  |  Length: 4:26

Access to high quality, workforce housing in neighborhoods of choice remains a critical challenge in many U.S. communities. This is especially acute in high cost markets that need a greater supply of...

08.12.2014 - The Washington University Lofts on the Delmar Loop.
James Byard/ WUSTL Photos

ULI Case Studies: Lofts of Washington University—St. Louis

September 29, 2015  |  Length: 4:39

An overview of the development, finance and design of Lofts of Washington University. Read the study here. ULI Case Studies showcase innovative approaches and best practices in real estate and urban development. Learn more and...