Gaurav Srivastava


Associate Principal, AECOM
Los Angeles, California

Gaurav Srivastava is an urban designer at AECOM in Los Angeles. His work, focusing on urban cores for both private and public sector clients, is driven by twin passions. First: to reduce the footprint of human habitation through compact and sensitive urban redevelopment in the city center. And second: to continuously reinforce the importance of the pedestrian experience as the defining experience of cities.

Downtowns across the globe have suffered decades of disinvestment, and he understands that their path back to relevance is built on the enduring ability of cities to cyclically reinvent and reinvest in themselves. This process is best managed by crafting a practical vision for the future, practicing exemplary urban design, rigorously engaging the public, and most importantly, building the optimism of private investors.

Srivastava has worked in cities across the world—in Los Angeles as well as Dublin, Delhi and others. He manages and directs multidisciplinary teams for projects ranging from grassroots-driven neighborhood visioning efforts to large downtown redevelopment plans. Most recently, he has led planning efforts that include crafting a vision for Los Angeles’ CleanTech Corridor. This ambitious 2,500-acre initiative repositions aging industrial parcels to attract the next generation of clean industry. It is the nexus of the region’s long-term strategies to retain the existing 400,000 manufacturing jobs that are increasingly threatened by the dynamics of the global economy.

Srivastava is an Associate Principal at AECOM’s urban design studio in Los Angeles. He has a professional undergraduate degree from the School of Planning and Architecture in Delhi and a graduate degree in City Planning from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge.