ULI Fellows Program

The ULI Fellows Program was established in 1996 to enhance the Institute’s role in raising awareness of its mission to provide leadership in the responsible use of land and in creating and sustaining thriving communities worldwide.

ULI Fellows explore, research, document, and educate ULI members and stakeholders across the Institute’s global network. Topics explored include real estate finance, urban development policy, retail and entertainment markets, transportation, housing, environmental stewardship, and community development.

The Fellows Program includes Senior Resident Fellows, Senior Visiting Fellows, mid-career Resident Fellows, and Scholars-in-Residence. Read more about ULI’s Fellows:

Senior Resident Fellows
Stephen R. Blank, Finance
Maureen McAvey, Retail
John K. McIlwain, Housing
Ed McMahon, Sustainable Development
Tom Murphy, Urban Development
Emeritus Fellows
Senior Visiting Fellows
Greg Clark, Europe
Gabe Klein, Public Leadership
Michelle Winters, Housing