Understanding Housing and Transportation Costs


Published in 2009 and 2010, the Terwilliger Center for Housing published a series of three reports to examine the combined burden of housing and transportation costs in three high cost housing markets.  The reports, and the related online calculator, look not only at the effects of a tight housing market for workforce households, but also the related high transportation costs for workforce households in the Boston Metropolitan Area; Metropolitan Washington, DC; and the San Francisco Bay Area.

Housing + Transportation Cost Calculator 

In coordination with the report series, the Center also released the Housing + Transportation Cost Calculator in partnership with the Center for Housing Policy and the Center for Neighborhood Technology (CNT). The tool calculated the combined cost of housing and transportation for those living in three regions covered in the report series and reference to the calculator is made in each of the reports below. While that calculator is no longer available, the Center for Neighborhood Technology has continued this work and developed the H + T Affordability Index. The tool allows users to view housing and transportation data as maps, charts, and statistics for nearly 900 metropolitan and micropolitan areas—covering 89 percent of the US population.

Access the H+T Index

Bay Area Burden: Examining the Costs and Impacts of Housing and Transportation on Bay Area Residents, Their Neighborhoods, and the Environment
Published: 2009

This report provides a comprehensive analysis of the “cost of place” in nine counties located throughout the San Francisco Bay area by examining the costs and impacts of housing and transportation on Bay Area residents, their neighborhoods, and the environment.

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Beltway Burden: The Combined Cost of Housing and Transportation in the Greater Washington DC Metropolitan Area
Published: 2009

This report provides a jurisdiction-by-jurisdiction look at the combined housing and transportation cost burdens for households in the Washington DC metropolitan area.

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The Boston Regional Challenge: Examining the Costs and Impacts of Housing and Transportation on Area Residents, their Neighborhoods and the Environment
Published: 2010

This report analyzes the combined costs of housing and transportation for neighborhoods, cities, and towns throughout the Boston Metropolitan Area.

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