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The mission of the ULI Infrastructure Initiative is to promote more sustainable infrastructure investment choices, and to foster an improved understanding of the links between infrastructure and land use. Because infrastructure is the foundation for metropolitan prosperity, and because it provides the physical framework for real estate investment, ULI has identified infrastructure as a key priority.

Through publications, forums, and other activities, the Infrastructure Initiative utilizes ULI’s extensive public and private networks to exercise leadership on infrastructure.

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Infrastructure 2014: Shaping the Competitive City


Infrastructure 2014, the eighth in a series of annual reports from the Urban Land Institute and EY, is…

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Washington Post Hosts First "America Answers" Event on the Future of Infrastructure


The Washington Post hosted its "Fix My Commute" event, which brought together representatives from the public and private…

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ULI Research Roundup: The Economic Value of Pedestrian Infrastructure and Amenities

Valencia Street in San Francisco has been made more pedestrian and bicycle friendly and has seen positive impacts (Peninsula Transportation Alternatives)

More and more communities are making investments in pedestrian infrastructure and amenities. What is the economic payback of…

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'Great Cities Start With Great Streets': ULI Endorses Urban Street Design Guide from National Association of City Transportation Officials

Photo:  Federal Highway Administration

The Urban Land Institute, a global research and education institute dedicated to responsible land use and creating sustainable…

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Lessons learned from ULI Triangle transit workshop

triangle workshop

On Wednesday, May 14, 2014, Human Transit author and consultant, Jarrett Walker, conducted a 7-hour workshop for ULI…

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Quality of Infrastructure is a Top Deal Maker or Breaker for Real Estate Investment and Development Decisions, Says Infrastructure 2014 Report from ULI and EY


The quality of infrastructure systems – including transportation, utilities, and telecommunications – is a top factor influencing real…

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