How the Greenprint Performance Report Works

Follow the instructions below to evaluate your property using the Greenprint Performance Report:

  1. Download the latest Greenprint Performance Report.
  2. Collect energy data and floor area at each property; the Data Sources bullet points found in Appendix A (page 33) may be helpful in locating this information.
  3. Multiply the energy data by the correct emissions factor using the factors provided in Appendix B (page 34).
  4. For energy comparison, divide energy (in kWh) by the associated floor area, and compare against appropriate benchmarks in Section 2.1.
  5. The emissions can be split into the appropriate Scopes by using the methodology on page 18.
  6. Emissions can be compared with Greenprint benchmarks throughout Section 2.2.

Contact Greenprint

Please e-mail ULI Greenprint Center for more information about the Greenprint Performance Report and becoming a member.