Rose Center for Public Leadership in Land Use

The Rose Center for Public Leadership in Land Use encourages and supports excellence in land use decision making by local governments. A program of the National League of Cities in partnership with ULI, the Rose Center seeks to foster creative, efficient, practical, and sustainable land use policies by providing public officials with access to information, best practices, peer networks, and other resources.

The flagship program of the Rose Center is the Daniel Rose Fellowship, which provides city leaders with the insights, peer-to-peer learning, and analysis needed to successfully improve their cities. The Rose Center also hosts workshops, forums, and webinars on various aspects of community building in cities across the country.

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History of the Rose Center

ULI Foundation Governor Daniel Rose committed $5 million in 2008 to establish the Rose Center for Public Leadership at ULI to empower leaders in the public sector to envision, build, and sustain successful 21st-century communities.

In 2014, ULI signed a partnership agreement to jointly guide the oversight and operations of the Rose Center with the National League of Cities, which collectively represent the world’s foremost real estate professionals and the nation’s most distinguished municipal leaders.

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