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ULI Center for Sustainability

The ULI Center for Sustainability is dedicated to creating healthy, resilient, and high performance communities around the world. Through the work of its Greenprint and Urban Resilience programs, the Center provides leadership and support to land use professionals to invest in energy performance and portfolio resilience while reducing risks due to a changing climate.

In 2014, ULI’s Board decided to create the new Center for Sustainability as a logical transition from the organization’s previous work under the Climate, Land Use, and Energy (CLUE) program. The new Center builds upon the work of CLUE and broadens its scope to address adaptation as well as mitigation.

Center for Sustainability Programs

The two programs within the Center are the ULI Greenprint Center for Building Performance and the Urban Resilience Program.

The ULI Greenprint Center for Building Performance is a catalyst for change, taking meaningful, immediate, and measurable actions to generate real estate solutions that improve the environment through energy efficiency while demonstrating the correlation with increased property values.

The Urban Resilience Program looks at how cities can prepare for the expected effects of climate change.  From rising sea levels to more frequent storm events to extended droughts, the changing climate poses short- and long-term risks and opportunities for urban planning and development.  The Urban Resilience program provides resources and strategies to mitigate those risks and to create a more resilient and durable vision for community development.

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Cultivating Development: Trends and Opportunities at the Intersection of Food and Real Estate


This report explores the mutually beneficial relationship between food-based amenities—such as working farms, community gardens, food halls, restaurants,…

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Real Estate Industry Must Address Climate Change to Maintain Competitiveness, Says New Research From ULI


As world leaders gather at the United Nations this week to ratify the Paris Agreement on climate change,…

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L'Accord de Paris: A Potential Game Changer for the Global Real Estate Industry


This summary paper provides an overview of the key issues and implications for real estate that arise from…

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ULI Awards Grants Totaling $55,000 to Help Improve Urban Resilience in Boston, Detroit, St. Petersburg, Florida; Charleston, South Carolina; and Portland, Oregon

Advisory Services Panel for Portland and South Portland’s Waterfronts

Efforts to improve the urban resilience of St. Petersburg, Florida; Boston; Detroit, Charleston, South Carolina; and Portland, Oregon…

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ULI Receives $100,000 Grant from the New York Community Trust to Encourage Resilient Building Practices in New York City and Urban Areas Nationwide


The Urban Land Institute (ULI), a global research and education institute dedicated to responsible land use and building…

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The Paris Climate Agreement: What Does It Mean for Real Estate?


Given that buildings account for 30 to 40 percent of carbon emissions, the role of real estate owners,…

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ULI to Advise Miami-Dade County on Strategies to Improve the Resilience of the Arch Creek Basin Area

Arch Creek Basin Project Overview2

A group of renowned land use and urban planning experts has been convened by the Urban Land Institute…

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White House Conference Spotlights Importance of Building for Resilience, Says ULI

500px Photo ID: 121470211 - Stairs to Atlantis. Shot on film (Fujifilm Superia 400) on the legendary Canon AE-1P.

Today’s White House Conference on Resilient Building Codes will help greatly to raise awareness of the critical need…

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Solar Energy in Commercial Real Estate: Navigating the Opportunities and Risks

A solar installation on the roof of a Prologis facility in Fontana, California (photo by Woody Welch)

Experts from a recent webinar hosted by the ULI Greenprint Center for Building Performance recently shared insights on…

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