Real Estate Capital Markets Conference

The Annual ULI Real Estate Capital Markets Conference, first held in 2011, brings together top real estate investors, owners, developers, and other industry leaders—connecting both providers and users of capital—to learn about and discuss current trends, strategies, opportunities, deals, and the future of real estate finance and investment.    

The conference provides a unique platform to connect users of capital with providers of capital, to share best practices in real estate finance, and to learn about the latest trends in the real estate investment world. Both the 2011 and 2012 conferences attracted more than 250 attendees, and we expect even stronger attendance in 2013. The conference provides valuable insight and practical information for ULI members and attendees to use in accessing, lending, or investing capital and in operating their businesses.

The 2013 conference will be held on June 4 and 5 in San Francisco.

Funding and sponsorship opportunities are available for the 2013 conference at various support levels ranging from $3,000 to $25,000.

Real Estate Finance and Investment 2013

Topics addressed in the 2013 conference will include the following.

  • The outlook for commercial real estate in 2013 and 2014.
  • New directions and strategies in real estate investing today.
  • Real estate debt capital: A shifting landscape.
  • Financing development: What, where, and how.
  • Institutional investor perspectives on real estate investment risk
  • Mezzanine capital and recapitalization strategies.
  • Financing smaller real estate deals.
  • Repositioning assets and value add investing.
  • Private equity investment in the west.
  • Investing in single family residential today.
  • Tech/media/energy tenants trends and real estate investments.
  • Public-private and mixed-use finance and investment
  • Managing real estate investment risk

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Real Estate Finance and Investment 2012


Topics and questions addressed in the 2012 conference included the following: How can and should real estate investors, lenders, developers, and other capital market players move forward, structure deals, and raise/allocate capital in 2012 and beyond? What strategies are being used with mezzanine, bridge, gap, and rescue financing today? What are the opportunities for investing in distressed debt and value-add investments? What does it take to launch and manage a new real estate fund? What are the opportunities for investing in niche sectors? The conference cochairs were Charles (Chip) H. Fedalen, Jr., executive vice president and group head of the Commercial Real Estate, Institutional, and Metro Markets Group at Wells Fargo, and Stephen J. Furnary, chairman and CEO of Clarion Partners. Read more.

Real Estate Finance and Investment 2011


Topics and questions addressed in the 2011 conference included the following: What new sources of capital are emerging? How are properties being refinanced and recapitalized? How can development be financed today? The event will be structured to provide many opportunities for capital providers and users to meet, discuss potential deals, and get into the details of new financing arrangements, and will provide you with insights and strategies for navigating the real estate finance and capital markets. Cochairing the conference were Joseph F. Azrack, managing partner at Apollo Global Real Estate, and Ron D. Sturzenegger, managing director and global head of real estate, gaming, and lodging at Bank of America Merrill Lynch. Read more.