ULI Mainland China Real Estate Markets

ULI Mainland China Real Estate Markets is an annual survey that evaluates the real estate investment and development prospects across 36 of the largest cities in Mainland China. The goal of the survey and the summary report is to provide a platform through which insights and perspectives are shared, both among those already in the China markets and those who are interested in future involvement.

According to the 2014 survey, investors are retreating to Tier 1 cities, as China’s real estate market experiences a slowdown. The survey recorded an average 8.5 percent decline in ratings for each city, indicating a more pessimistic outlook overall on prospects compared with last year. However, investors remained confident of the prospects for the Tier 1 cities of Shanghai, Shenzen, Beijing and Guangzhou, which were the four highest-ranked cities for investment and all in the top five rankings for development. Download the Mainland China Real Estate Markets 2014 survey.