The Center for Capital Markets and Real Estate publishes a number of barometers, forecasts, and market analyses about real estate finance, capital markets, and the real estate economy to keep ULI members and the real estate community educated and informed. Published on monthly, quarterly, and annual intervals as well as at different geographic scopes, the products allow you to stay informed about real estate trends as they relate to your needs.

Real Estate Consensus Forecast

The Real Estate Consensus Forecast is a semiannual survey of leading U.S. real estate economists/analysts representing leading real estate investment, advisory, and research firms and organizations. The current survey of 39 firms was released on April 1, 2014. The semiannual survey provides forecasts for 27 economic and real estate indicators, including GDP, employment, inflation, interest rates, property transaction volumes, CMBS issuance, capitalization rates, REIT returns, property investment returns for four property types, vacancy/occupancy rates and rents for five property types, and housing starts and prices.

ULI Mainland China Real Estate Markets 2013

Mainland China 2013 Survey CoverMainland China Real Estate Markets 2013: ULI Analysis of City Investment Prospects focuses on real estate development and investment prospects in 36 of the largest cities in Mainland China. A joint effort between the Center for Capital Markets and Real Estate and ULI Asia, it draws from the second annual ULI survey of real estate industry leaders active in Mainland China and based in Mainland China or Hong Kong. Issues affecting development and investment strategies and niche markets are also discussed. Read the press release.

Real Estate Business Barometer

The ULI Real Estate Business Barometer is a monthly online member resource that helps you track and understand key economic and financial trends affecting your real estate business. The Barometer gathers and summarizes, in one place, more than 60 key indicators—their current status and changes—and provides a concise overview of what these changes mean for the U.S. real estate industry. All aspects of real estate are covered, including real estate capital markets, commercial/multifamily investment property, and housing.