Public Officials

ULI has always included public sector professionals, both elected and appointed, among its membership and has offered these public officials a broad range of programs and products. Historically, the Institute has brought public officials together with leaders from the development community to discuss common interests and concerns, as well as produced publications and workshops geared to the public sector practitioners engaged in creating sustainable programs and effective policies for land use and development in their communities.

In addition, the growth and diversity of District Council Community Outreach programs provide ULI with highly effective local capacity for engaging public officials and informing public policy to promote better land use and development practices. Many District Councils already have public sector outreach programs underway.

In 2008, the Institute established the ULI Rose Center for Public Leadership. The mission of the ULI Rose Center is to encourage and support excellence in land use decision making. By providing public officials with access to information, best practices, peer networks, and other resources, the Rose Center seeks to foster creative, efficient, practical, and sustainable land use policies.

Mayor Robertson on Reinventing Vancouver

Tweets from @theRoseCenter

  • the Rose Center: (Regarding attracting development + serving existing residents) “we in local gov’t have to walk and chew gum.” @karenaboutGary #REALcities 4 days ago

  • the Rose Center: “You can’t say that it’s a renaissance, if you are displacing some of the people.” @karenaboutGary #REALcities 4 days ago

  • the Rose Center: RT @Ed2BeFree: Elected officials have a unique opportunity as conveners to ensure everyone feels heard equally @zonemat #RealCities http://… 4 days ago

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