2018 Vision


The Women’s Leadership Initiative aims to increase the number of women leaders in the real estate industry. While women have made strides through the decades in the increased amount of executives, more progress is needed.

The following chart from a study by Grant Thornton [PDF] shows changes in recent years in the percentage of women in senior management throughout the world. Women were 24% of global senior management in 2013.

The report also provides a breakdown of the top titles occupied by women.

A study by Catalyst from 2013 illustrates the participation of women at different leadership levels in the United States.

Furthermore, according to Business Insider, women constitute only 14% of higher level positions in the real estate industry. Clearly, women are not yet represented in these types of positions according to their proportion of the population.

2018 Vision

The Women’s Leadership Initiative additionally aims to increase the amount of women within its own membership. Below is a chart that displays the WLI’s goals for the percentages of women within the Urban Land Institute by 2018.

WLI Statistical Objective 2018 Vision
Full Members – Private 30%
Full Members – Public 30%
ULI Trustees 30%
ULI Board of Directors 30%
ULI Foundation Governors 30%
District Council Leadership 30%
National Council Membership 30%
Product Council Membership 30%
Product Council Leadership 30%
Young Leaders Membership 50%

Based on data from May 2013, most of these goals have not yet been achieved.


Women make up about 15% of the Board of Trustees, almost 21% of the Product Council Leadership, and 17% of District Council Chairs. These figures were lower in the past, and in some areas we are closer to our goal. However, these levels are still not adequate. WLI recognizes the need to aid the expansion of women in the membership and leadership of the Urban Land Institute.

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