Program of Work

CEO Summit

The CEO Summit is held each year at the ULI Fall Meeting. A limited number of chief executives are invited to discuss the latest industry trends and share their experiences and lessons learned from managing their organizations in the face of global trends, such as changing demographics, emerging technologies, a new regulatory environment and the complexities of the capital markets. A keynote speaker is invited to set the stage for the day, followed by roundtable conversations about the opportunities and challenges of leading organizations in today’s business climate.


Larson Leadership Summit

Each year, the Larson Leadership Summit brings together 50 ULI full members at the Spring Council Forum for a half-day program designed to enhance personal and organizational leadership skills. This invitation-only event includes a keynote speaker and interactive sessions to provide both substantive content and informal peer-to-peer sharing of experiences.

Regional Leadership Roundtables

These one-and-a-half-day sessions provide participants with an in-depth look at leadership skills, beset practices, and lessons learned. Limited participation of 60 people allows for peer-to-peer exchange and optimum interaction with invited experts and coprororate or civic leaders. Target audiences vary from one roundtable to another and will include full, local, or public sector leaders — as well as young leaders.
A shorter, two to three-hour version of these sessions — Leadership Modules — will be developed and offered to District Councils, Product Councils, Trustees, and ULI Staff.

District Council Centers for Leadership

District Councils are taking an active role in creating an ongoing generation of future leaders in their own communities.  Began by ULI South Carolina in 2006, these Centers for Leadership are designed to cultivate leadership and life-strategy skills by teaching emerging leaders in the real estate industry and related fields how the particular region gets built.

The goal of these nine month long programs is to develop tomorrow’s leaders who will implement ULI’s mission in the local community.  Thus far five District Councils, in South Carolina, Atlanta, Washington, Michigan and Northwest, have inaugurated programs.

ULI Leaders of Excellence

The Larson Leadership Initiative will offer a series of three invitation-only, top-flight programs each year to members who accept leadership positions in ULI. Trustees, Product Council and District/County Council Chairs will be invited to attend small, interactive sessions featuring stellar corporate and civic leaders, along with top experts in the field of leadership coaching and development. ULI asks much of its volunteer leaders. These sessions are designed to “give back” to these individuals by offering them the chance to learn how to effectively lead from the best: within ULI, in their businesses, and in their communities.

Fall and Spring Meeting Programs

A track of programing at the Fall and Spring meetings is a regular feature of the Initiative.  The sessions range from Trustee Town Hall meetings to Personal Development Experiences to Leadership Labs.

In addition, the Initiative has created “Boot Camps” for young leaders and supported the Women’s Leadership Initiative in its highly successful program “View from the Top.”

Product Council Leadership Modules

The Initiative has created a template for “Leadership Conversations” during Product Council day.  Thus far, the feedback was very positive as the following testimonials indicate:

The feedback not only internally from our Council but a “buzz” around ULI was fabulous.  Personally, I truly appreciated the tenor of the conversation and how you were able to elevate our thinking about leadership in the “ULI way.”

Richard Gollis (CDC Silver)

 Thank you so much for the good work at CDC Silver last week! I heard an abundance of positive comments from our members, although I haven’t taken a gander at the review cards.

In many ways the two Leadership sessions provided great inspirational bookends for our efforts in sorting through our industry and our market struggles. It allows us to recall the critical leadership elements and shared examples as touchstones for bringing vigor back to our organizations. As I discussed with more than one person, there was a great intimacy and bonding that was created at our small tables. We shared professional struggles, failures and realigned directions for us as leaders in our organizations. Truly, just  super.

I hope that you are able to bring the same format to other Councils in the future.

Teri Frankiewicz (CDC Silver)

 Thank you so much for presenting your leadership workshop to our MHC Council at the recent ULI Fall Meeting in Los Angeles.  Our members loved your session , and I am thrilled to report that we climbed in the overall rankings for councils from 49th to 10th!

David Lentz (MHCC)


District Council “Drop In” Programs

The Larson Leadership Initiative provides content for events at District Councils including topics such as Keepers of the Castle, Giving Back:  ULI Members Making a Difference, Leading @ ULI and Leadership Innovation.  Larson Advisory Board member Bill Ferguson wrote the book, Keepers of the Castle and visited over a dozen District Councils presenting the findings along with a panel of ULI leaders.

Leadership Research

The Larson Leadership Initiative has begun to work with members and their firms on some specific research projects including:

Avoiding Vacancy: Becoming a “Succession Leader” in the Real Estate Sector

Conversations with CEOs from across the real estate industry in recent months have revealed a disturbing lack of preparedness for CEO succession. While many firms have succession plans in place, few of these plans contain the necessary ingredients for proven success. To understand how pervasive this issue might be across the industry—and to gain greater clarity around what distinguishes the most effective companies from the rest when it comes to CEO succession—Russell Reynolds Associates and the Urban Land Institute jointly launched a quantitative research initiative on executive succession in real estate, surveying senior leaders (primarily CEOs) at more than 235 real estate firms in the United States. To our knowledge, this is the largest dataset of its kind—and we are pleased to share with you our findings.

Leadership Roundtables with Sandy Apgar

Long-time member and ULI Foundation Governor Sandy Apgar is a prolific writer about leadership (read his articles on Urban Land). At the 2012 Spring Meeting in Charlotte Sandy convened two invitation only leadership roundtables to create a dialog that will result in two more articles for the magazine.  One group consisted of senior ULI members and Trustees while the other were young leaders.