Leading Links

One of our goals at the Larson Leadership Initiative is to facilitate conversations about the newest developments in leadership strategizing. Here’s what we’re reading now:

The Most Successful Leaders Do Fifteen Things Automatically, Everyday (Forbes): Glenn Llopis offers insight on how to cultivate effective leadership practices on a daily basis.

Programs That Make Leadership Their Goal (New York Times): “Are leaders born or bred?” The proliferation of “leadership studies” programs at a number of universities seems to suggest the latter.

Google’s Quest to Build a Better Boss (New York Times): Google statisticians are using data analytics to try to find the algorithm for quality leadership.

Making the CEO Accountable (Businessweek): A discussion of the ways in which “the world of politics” might provide strategies for fostering and maintaining accountability at high levels of corporate leadership.

Smoke Signals From the Vatican: Picking Popes and CEOs (Businessweek): “As the oldest succession process in the world kicks off at the Vatican, the leadership of the Roman Catholic Church is facing some truly modern challenges—ones that many global companies also face as when searching for their next CEO. Examining such challenges reveals common solutions in how organizations can best select new leadership, and what is required given the realities of this age.”

Hot Ticket in B-School: Bringing Life Values to Corporate Ethics (New York Times): Steward D. Friedman, a management professor at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business and author of the book “Total Leadership”, guides a workshop at Bazaarvoice, a company started by a former student.

ULI San Francisco | Video Series: Executive Summary

The Executive Summary is a brief video series in which Bay Area real estate and land use professionals discuss the arc of their careers, personal interests, and the impact of ULI on their careers.