Larson Leadership Initiative


We need to provide and implement the leadership skills necessary to attract, motivate, and retain the best and the brightest minds—the land use leaders of the future.

Harry Frampton, Former ULI Chair (2004)

The Robert C. Larson Leadership Initiative enables ULI to add leadership development activities to its program of work and extend the Institute’s reach to many more current and potential leaders.

“To provide leadership in the responsible use of land…” has been at the core of ULI’s mission since the Institute’s inception. Today, ULI cultivates the leadership skills of its members, at all levels, in order to enhance leadership within ULI, in the development industry, and in communities across the country. Through the inspiration and generosity of Bob Larson, ULI has created the ULI Robert C. Larson Leadership Initiative, funded through the Larson Leadership Endowment, to honor the memory of one of the industry’s leading lights.

The Larson Leadership Endowment

In order to ensure that leadership development will always be a core activity for ULI, the ULI Foundation has established — through the generosity of the Larson Family and other ULI members – The Larson Leadership Endowment. Gifts to the Larson Leadership Endowment can take the form of contributions to the permanent endowment or term gifts, which fund specific programs. These gifts support a range of leadership development activities and extend ULI’s reach to many more current and potential leaders.

Bob’s goal was to assure a “legacy of leadership” for the Institute—to infuse leadership DNA in ULI’s members. By any standard, Bob was the epitome of a leader. The Larson Leadership Initiative and Endowment put into action Bob’s vision to enhance the leadership capabilities of ULI members, staff, and others to better fulfill the Institute’s mission. ULI is pleased to honor his memory with this important new Initiative.


In the two years since its inception, the Larson Leadership Initiative has gained traction on a wide range of fronts.  We have chosen to concentrate on Bob’s vision of infusing leadership DNA in ULI’s members.  Accordingly, we are focused on three aspects of what we are calling: “Leading @ ULI.”

Leading for ULI: Training activities allowing member volunteers to enhance skills to do their ULI “job.”
Leading in the Community: Programs enabling ULI members to be more effective leaders in their communities.
Leading as Enterprise: Events, coaching, trainings, programs empowering ULI members to be better leaders in their businesses and communities.

As such, we lever the existing ULI “portals” to deliver leadership content:

-District Councils/Product Councils
-Fall/Spring Meetings

Code of Ethics

All of the Larson Leadership Initiative’s program of work is deeply aligned with the ULI Code of Ethics.

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Advisory Board

Eric Larson (Chair)
Larson Realty Group

Kathleen Carey

William Ferguson
Ferguson Partners

Lizanne Galbreath
Galbreath & Company

Michael Horst
Urban Land Institute

Jim Klingbeil
Klingbeil Capital Management

Matt Lustig

Jeremy Newsum

Patrick Phillips
Urban Land Institute

Tom Toomey


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