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Welcome to ULI’s Career Center, where you can find job listings provided by SelectLeaders Real Estate Network, as well as books, articles, and other resources to help you further your career in real estate and land use.

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Advice from Industry Experts

The following podcasts (mp3) give advice from insiders on what a career in real estate is really like, where the opportunities are, and what employers are looking for.

What It Takes to Be a Developer
Jim Todd discusses his transition from a manager in the telecommunications sector to head of one of the largest builders in the Washington region.

A Look at Real Estate Investment and Ownership, Financing, and Services
Ray Mikulich describes what it’s like to be head of one of the largest real estate investment banking groups in the world.

What’s Right for You?

Karl Zavitkovsky discusses his experience in real estate and his transition to the public sector as head of the Office of Economic Development for the city of Dallas.

On the Inside: Real Estate Jobs

Mark Hatcher explains the importance of corporate real estate and the day-to-day activities of a corporate real estate professional.

What Do Employers Want?
Tony LoPinto offers thoughts based on many years of experience recruiting the industry’s top professionals.

Finding That First Job

Allyson Watkins explains how she got her start in real estate and how to go about deciding on a real estate career.

The Job Search
Heidi Brandl relates her experience in searching for a job with a real estate investment firm. Brandl is a vice president at IHP Capital, where she is responsible for deal origination—sourcing development projects that meet the firm’s lending criteria.

Career Advice from ULI

The Inside Track

Careers in Real Estate

The Inside Track to Careers in Real Estate explores the wealth of job opportunities in the industry and the possible career paths you can take to meet your goals. Dozens of candid interviews with top real estate leaders and real estate educators add flavor and the credibility that only real-life, been-there-done-that voices can provide.

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