Infrastructure and Transportation

Struggling to create a balanced transportation system? Need new ideas about funding, jurisdictional cooperation, and mobility? ULI leads the industry on best practices in smart growth and sustainable land use. Panels listen to diverse viewpoints on transportation issues and recommend strategic next steps. Panels have explored transit-oriented development strategies, regional highway planning and investment, ports, airports, and parking management.

All ULI panel teams include professionals with diverse points of view—engineers, developers, planners, designers, investors, market analysts, and public officials—who work together to generate grounded, innovative solutions. ULI tailors each panel to match the needs of your project and works closely with you to ensure that all stakeholders and viewpoints are included in the panel process.

Transit-Oriented Development

ULI’s long track record of advocating for transit-oriented development provides a rich knowledge base for Advisory Services panels on this issue. Past panels explored transit-oriented development as a revitalization tool and recommended strategies to leverage transit investments into sustainable development in urban and suburban locations.

Examples of transit-oriented development panels include:



Lake Norman Area
Charlotte, North Carolina

General Transportation

Smart communities will build infrastructure that supports sustainable land use and advances health, prosperity, and global competitiveness. ULI panels help communities think holistically to integrate land use and infrastructure to reduce vehicle miles traveled (VMT), leverage existing infrastructure, and balance infrastructure investments to include both new growth and infill areas.

Examples of general transportation panels include:

Bailey’s Crossroads


Ports, Airports, and Rail

Ports, airports, and rail facilities are economic drivers for the communities in which they are located. The land use opportunities, especially for secondary uses surrounding these facilities, play a key role in businesses’ location decisions. ULI panels have a history of providing communities with successful short- and long-term strategies for leveraging these large multifaceted employment centers.

Examples of port, airport, and rail panels include:

Southern Dallas County

The Strand Seaport
Galveston, Texas

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