Panel Process

ULI Advisory Services: Hurricane Sandy Panel

ULI Advisory Services employs a time-tested process that has proven successful at solving the most challenging land use and real estate issues.

Before the Panel

A ULI Advisory Services panel is a for-fee service in which a sponsor enters into a contract with the Institute.

ULI staff members meet with a potential sponsor to discuss panel contract requirements, timing, travel logistics, panel discipline requirements, panel recruitment from the ULI membership, and the preparation of briefing materials.

Logistical arrangements are completed exclusively by ULI staff and provide for panelists’ travel, their lodging, and a workspace at a full-service hotel in the sponsor city.

ULI staff members work closely with the sponsor in the creation of a scope of work, which takes the form of about 10 primary questions that define the panel’s assignment.

The sponsor prepares briefing materials, arranges interviews with local stakeholders, and plans a tour of the study area for the panelists.

During the Panel

A typical panel week is arranged as follows:

  • Sunday: Arrival, orientation, and sponsor dinner
  • Monday: Briefing, tour, public reception
  • Tuesday: Stakeholder interviews
  • Wednesday: Panel deliberations
  • Thursday: Report and presentation preparation
  • Friday: Presentation of the panel’s findings

The panelists draft the report while on site. The Friday presentation of the panel’s findings is a detailed summary of the written panel report.

After the Panel

  • Approximately 30 days after completion of the panel, the sponsor receives a report manuscript.
  • After the sponsor submits comments on the manuscript, ULI publishes the report. The sponsor receives 200 printed copies of the report, as well as a digital version.