RFQ: The City of New Rochelle

The City of New Rochelle (the “City”) commissioned a number of studies and planning exercises through which it has identified a set of real estate development goals and objectives it seeks to implement over the next several years in the downtown. The overarching concept for development downtown is the creation of an active, mixed-use district with convenient, safe and pleasant access to the New Rochelle Transportation Center. This plan would incorporate the development of economically diverse high quality housing, modern retail, commercial, office and hotel space integrated with a well-designed pedestrian friendly streetscape complemented by an abundance of green space.

With this in mind, the City of New Rochelle is seeking responses from qualified real estate development firms to develop plans and implement strategies to fulfill both existing revitalization concepts and to formulate new ideas for the design, construction and operation of mixed use development for two clusters of parcels we identify as: 1) The Transit Oriented Development Cluster (“TOD”) and 2) The Downtown Cluster made up primarily of City-owned parcels but also including privately-held properties, in the heart of the City.

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