RFQ: City of Monona, Wisconsin


Purpose of RFQ

The City of Monona, WI, is seeking statements of qualifications from real estate developers / development teams to lead the redevelopment of a 7.6-acre site with 880 feet of waterfront along the Yahara River into a dynamic mixed-use project that will serve as a focal point for the community. The City has purchased or secured options on nearly all of the redevelopment parcels and intends to use an array of federal, state and local redevelopment tools as necessary to assist with project financing. Responses to this request for qualifications will be used as part of a multi-phase selection process. The RFQ is intended to pre-qualify respondents who will then be invited to submit proposals for the project development, design, construction, financing, ownership, and management. Following is information on the City of Monona’s goals for the project, specifications and terms of the project, RFQ submission requirements, and evaluation and selection criteria.

Background: Madison Metropolitan Region and the City of Monona

The Madison metropolitan region is home to creative entrepreneurs, successful companies, an educated workforce, and highly ranked educational institutions. The region boasts an abundance of cultural attractions, natural resources and recreational opportunities, and was ranked the sixth-strongest economy among the nation’s 366 metro areas. The region has been recognized by many national organizations for a variety of quality of life awards and rankings, making it an attractive choice for businesses and employees alike. The state’s capital, Madison, is surrounded by small, diverse communities each with its own identity and opportunities.

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