RFP: City of Peoria Historic Development Opportunity

RFP- City of PeoriaThe City of Peoria (Illinois), through a partnership with Peoria Public School District 150, is seeking proposals for the acquisition and renovation of a publicly-owned school building at 839 West Moss Avenue (also called Washington School).   Washington School was built in 1910.  The historic structure is 30,000 square feet over three floors.  The building sits on a 2 acre lot.  The structure, part of both a local and national historic district, represents an amazing opportunity for historically appropriate renovation.

The City is seeking an individual or entity interested in purchasing and renovating the property.    There is no provision that the building be operated as a school; however, the City will not consider any proposals that result in the demolition of the structure.  The proposed use for the building should be complementary to the surrounding residential neighborhood.  In addition to outlining the proposed use, proposals must include a purchase price offer.  The minimum price that will be considered is $150,000. Proposals are due June 13, 2014 by 4 p.m.

The full RFP is available at http://www.peoriagov.org/washington-school-request-for-proprosals/ Questions should be directed to Christopher Setti at csetti@peoriagov.org or (309) 494-8618.

Download the RFP

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