RFP: City of Oak Forest

The City of Oak Forest, Illinois is seeking a developer to purchase and redevelop a multi-family residential/mixed use parcel and commercial parcel at the intersection of 159th Street and Cicero Avenue, immediately adjacent to the Oak Forest Metra station, commonly referred as the Gateway Corridor. The parcel consists of 4.9 acres and is planned and zoned for medium – high density apartment/condos with the opportunity of first floor commercial units. The City is seeking a mixed use, destination-oriented project that must include residential components and parking, and may also include retail and accessory parking.

For complete site and project description, see Gateway Development Background.

This request is intended to invite proposals that shall include design concepts and development plans for the site that advance the goals and concepts identified in the Gateway Redevelopment Plan, highlights of which are attached hereto. The City acknowledges that the ultimate design project is a collaborative effort and the City will work with the selected developer in a timely manner relative to any proposed public/private partnership. This report and other relative information about the City can be viewed at www.oak-forest.org.

To be considered, interested parties should submit a response to this request to the City, in accordance with the submittal requirements set out in Section 3 hereof.

View the RFP

View the Housing Study

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