Landscape Architecture Foundation Leaders Make New “Declarations” for the Future

Former ULI Chairman Marilyn Jordan Taylor addresses the Landscape Architecture Foundation's 50th Anniversary Summit.

The Landscape Architecture Foundation (LAF) celebrated its 50th anniversary in June by hosting a summit on the future of landscape architecture. More than 700 landscape architects gathered in Philadelphia to hear dozens of industry leaders share “declarations” on where landscape architecture is headed over the next 50 years….
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ULI Singapore Explores What It Means to Be a “Car-Lite” City


Over the past year, the Singapore government’s Centre for Liveable Cities has partnered with ULI Singapore to explore what it means to be a “car-lite” city—a city that harnesses the power of technology, the sharing economy, and ground-up innovation to develop a range of mobility options that are “socially inclusive and economically efficient,” according to a recent report of the initiative’s initial findings….
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New Housing and Vertical Density Are Poised to Change Miami’s Iconic Wynwood Neighborhood

250 Wynwood is a new condo building in Wynwood and represents a new phase in the neighborhood's evolution.

The story of Wynwood’s transformation from a drab, postindustrial pocket tucked in Interstate 95’s shadow into a hip, iconic Miami neighborhood—one of the must-see places in the United States—is something of a real estate fairy tale. Now, Wynwood is set to change yet again with new vertical and residential development …
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ULI Awards Grants Totaling $55,000 to Help Improve Urban Resilience in Boston, Detroit, St. Petersburg, Florida; Charleston, South Carolina; and Portland, Oregon

Advisory Services Panel for Portland and South Portland’s Waterfronts

Efforts to improve the urban resilience of St. Petersburg, Florida; Boston; Detroit, Charleston, South Carolina; and Portland, Oregon are being supported by grants awarded by the Urban Land Institute (ULI) to its district councils serving those areas. ULI is a research and education institute dedicated to responsible land use and creating sustainable, thriving communities worldwide; its district councils advance ULI’s mission in 53 metropolitan regions in the United States, Canada and Mexico….
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