2010 Hines Competition Finalist – University of Maryland at College Park


“The Garden District”

Team 4066
University of Maryland at College Park

The East Village holds tremendous potential to expand San Diego’s inventory of great places, beginning with “The Garden District” which transforms its northeast quarter. The East Village Green is relocated and enlarged, becoming an iconic downtown amenity and the heart of the “green link” connecting Balboa Park to the waterfront of “America’s Finest City.” A new transit stop improves circulation between existing neighborhood assets such as City College and Broadway with Albertson’s on G Street. Sustainable concepts are emphasized, including green roofs, cisterns, and grassy freeway caps that reach adjacent communities. New office, retail, and entertainment venues bring back economic vitality on primary through-streets, while multiple residential types encourage social diversity through an affordable housing ratio well above requirements. This plan is easily extended to the rest of East Village, completing the transformation of this critical neighborhood for the health and benefit of all San Diego.

Gregory Patrick Vernon, Master of Urban Studies and Planning, Team Leader
Lin Mao, Master of Architecture
Brian H. Brodeur, Master of Architecture
Kameron Aroom, Master of Landscape Architecture
Timothy Martin Phillips, Master of Real Estate Development

Faculty adviser:  Matthew Bell

Download Finalist Stage Entry
Download Competition Stage Entry

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