2008 Hines Competition Finalist – University of Texas at Austin


“Cedars: Reconnect, Revitalize”

Team 9197
University of Texas at Austin

“Cedars: Reconnect, Revitalize” stitches together social, physical and economic connections from an earlier era. Medium and low-rise uses traverse the spine connecting the Cedars DART stop with Old City Park. A diverse mix of families, artists, and professionals forms the core of a neighborhood already taking root. Central to the development theme is the proposed Natural Connections network of multi-modal and sustainable, “complete streets,” greenways, and open space.

Alexander Kone, Master of City and Regional Planning
Chad Gnant, Master of Architecture
Ji Zhou, Master of City and Regional Planning
Michelle Slattery, Master of Landscape Architecture
Shawn Strange, Master of City and Regional Planning

Faculty Adviser: Dr. Simone Atkinson

Professional Adviser: David Knott, Waterstreet Engineering

Download Finalist Stage Entry
Download Competition Stage Entry

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