2007 Hines Competition Finalist – Harvard University


“Spanning the Divide”

Team 3626
Harvard University

This scheme turns the physical and economic divide that is now the river into a shared amenity that brings together Downtown and Boyle Heights. Higher-density residential towers on the downtown side of First Street and redevelopment on both sides of the river take advantage of the value created by the river revitalization. The Mariachi Plaza development parcels become an employment generator as a center for the training of hospital workers at the nearby medical complexes at USC and White Memorial.

Graduate School of Design

Christina Mullins, M. Business Administration (Harvard Business School)
Ling Zeng, M. Real Estate Development
Shiyi Zhang, M. Project Management
Samuel Rong Kuo, M. Real Estate Development
Zhenqing Que, M. Housing and Urbanization

Faculty adviser: Richard Peiser
Professional adviser: James Kostaras

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