2013 Fall Meeting—Public Officials Scholarships

ULI Fall Meeting Denver Public Officials

Eligible public officials again received a substantial discount on registration to the ULI Fall Meeting, held November 5–8 in Chicago, thanks to a scholarship program offered by the ULI Rose Center for Public Leadership. The scholarships were provided through the generous support of Chicago Title Insurance Company.

Scholarship recipients got up to a 90 percent reduction in their registration rates to the Fall Meeting, lowering the fee to only $100 for ULI member public officials and $200 for nonmember public officials.

Who Was Eligible? Any elected official, appointed official, or management-level staff member from the following types of public agencies could apply:

  • federal, state, or local governments,
  • regional governing bodies, such as councils of government or metropolitan planning organizations,
  • public utilities, such as transit systems or sewer districts.

What did the scholarship include? The scholarship registration fee included all general and concurrent programs and a cocktail reception. Scholarship recipients will still had the opportunity to purchase separate tickets to mobile workshops and special-interest tours.

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  2. For the last year and a half I have been managing the redevelopment of the former Walter Reed Army Medical Center for the District Columbia and am the Local Redevelopment Authority Director for this project. The Site encompasses 66.57 acres in NW DC and presents a complex, but exciting opportunity for urban infill, historically and sustainably sensitive redevelopment. Last year I was able to attend the ULI Fall Meeting in Denver and because of the event was able to learn about recent trends with master developed communities, trends in the capital markets, as well as social media trends. Furthermore, the visit to Denver gave me the opportunity to visit Stapleton, which is a model master developed project that has many similarities to Walter Reed. If I were to receive this scholarship, I would take full advantage of the opportunities to continue to learn about trends in the market, which will directly have a positive impact on the overall development of the Walter Reed site.

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