The ABCs of Land Development

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November 29, 2012
1:30 pm - 3:30 pm
David Mulvihill, Vice President, Professional Development


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Land development is a complex endeavor requiring careful analysis of the site and a thorough understanding of the market, finance, and regulatory environment. It can also require a skilled and often creative negotiator, and a careful documentation of the transaction. This new ULI webinar will introduce students to the basic components of a successful land development project. Using real-world resources, the webinar will focus on small-scale land development.

Full Price: $165.00
Member: $125.00
Government/Non-Profit: $100.00


John Wayne Falbey
President, The Falbey Group, LLC
Managing Member, Capital Four Advisors, LLC
Naples, Florida

John Wayne Falbey is a real estate developer and adviser, as well as an attorney, educator, speaker, and author. He is chief executive officer of the Falbey Group, LLC, and a founding member and principal of Capital Four Advisors, LLC. He provides highly sophisticated and effective services to a broad spectrum of industry participants, nationally and internationally, including financial institutions, investors, developers, and public sector entities. He has been involved in real estate development and education for more than 30 years.

Falbey holds master’s and doctoral degrees in business administration and also earned a law degree at Vanderbilt University. He maintains membership in good standing in the Bar associations of Florida and Colorado. He also completed all the courses in the certified commercial investment member (CCIM) program.

Program Highlights

Identifying the Site(s)

Determining Residual Land Value

Negotiating the Acquisition(s)

  • ​Strategy
  • Tactics

Structuring the Transaction(s)

  • ​Letters of Intent
  • Options
  • Leases

Due Diligence

  • ​Checklist
  • Budget