Local Organizing Committees

The creation of a local organizing committees (LOC) is the first step to becoming a District Council. It is designed to assist members to build a foundation over a 1-2 year period and create the capacity to operate as a financially self-sufficient enterprise delivering the ULI mission at the local level, deserving of formal ULI recognition as a District/National Council. The communities in this section are on their way to being District Councils.

From Our District Councils

From Young Leader to ULI Toronto Chair: Derek Goring’s Rise through the Ranks

ULI Toronto Chair Derek Goring

ULI Toronto Derek Goring has risen through the leadership ranks at ULI Toronto.

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FY17 Urban Innovation Grant Winners

District Council Annual Lunch. 2016 ULI Fall Meeting, Dallas Texas

For fiscal year 2017, the ULI Foundation Annual Fund awarded $100,000 to District and National Councils for innovative…

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WLI Announces the 2016 WLI Grant Award Winners

Five District Councils were awarded grants to launch innovative programs that raise the visibility and number of women…

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Stephanie Wasser
Executive Vice President,
District/Nationals Councils
Phone: 781-910-9966

Heidi Sweetnam
Senior Vice President,
District/National Councils
Phone: 202-624-7170

Emily Vaughan
District/Nationals Councils
Phone: 202-624-7128

Hannah Diehl
District/Nationals Councils
Phone: 202-624-7156