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District Councils are at the heart of ULI: they deliver the ULI mission at the local level.

Marilee Utter, Executive Vice President, ULI District Councils

Delivering the ULI mission at the local level, District Councils engage local members by hosting various ULI priority programs, educational forums, and events such as special initiative conferences keyed to the release of publications like Emerging Trends in Real Estate, the annual Infrastructure report, and What’s Next? By conducting community outreach programs and providing industry expertise to community leaders, District Councils continue to focus on opportunities for and to succeed in influencing local land use policy.


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In the ULI tradition of offering an unbiased and nonpartisan exchange on issues affecting the industry, District Councils provide the avenues for active dialogues among private industry, environmental organizations, and public agencies to help create solutions to local and regional issues.

The report Impact at the Local Level, released in November 2013, showcases how District Council programs, initiatives, and projects are impacting their communities in tangible, lasting ways, often for years after the program was concluded. The report highlights how ULI’s unbiased dialogues and assistance panels, partnerships between public and private entities, and leadership programs has a positive impact on the places we live, learn, and play.

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The District Councils exceeded all expectations with their response to What’s Next: Real Estate in the New Economy, a ULI report released in 2011 to generate a dialogue about the critical forces driving change in the market. More than 20 District Councils held programs and events that highlighted What’s Next, and several thousand ULI members and guests engaged in conversations and presentations, ranging from all-day statewide meetings in Florida and South Carolina to lunch meetings and a series of panels. With the generous support of UDR Inc. and its chief executive officer, ULI Trustee Thomas W. Toomey, the District Councils were surveyed about their reactions to the publication, and the findings were compiled in 2012 into What’s Next at the Local Level.

The 51 District Councils organized in North American communities serve most of ULI’s membership of more than 30,000. To find the District Council nearest you, click on this full list by location.

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Full List of District Council Locations

Marilee Utter
Executive Vice President,
District Council Program
Phone: 303-534-6620

Heidi Sweetnam
Senior Vice President,
District Councils
Phone: 202-624-7170

Graham Stroh
Director, District Council Programs
Phone: 202-624-7027

Caroline Sullivan
Senior Associate,
District Councils
Phone: 202-624-7014

Iskra Marinova
Administrative Assistant,
District Councils
Phone: 202-624-7161


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