Story of Impact: LA River and Rail

ULI Los Angeles - River Report

Los Angeles wants to reclaim its river, but an ambitious vision for a restored, revitalized waterway authored by the US Army Corps of Engineers puts two groups at odds: supporters of an enhanced riverfront public space and the rail companies whose economically critical lines currently operate adjacent to the river. Despite some initial engagement, these two crucial groups of stakeholders weren’t working together. …
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The Impact of UrbanPlan


UrbanPlan is a realistic, engaging, and academically demanding classroom-based curriculum in which students learn about the fundamental forces that affect development in the United States. Students experience the challenging issues, private and public sector roles, complex trade-offs, and fundamental economics in play when proposing realistic land use solutions to vexing growth challenges.

Read what ULI members, university professors and high school teachers say about UrbanPlan….
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