Searchable District Council Technical Assistance Panel (TAP) Library Now Available

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We understand that communities around the country may be facing similar challenges. In an effort to connect these communities, we created a TAPs library where District Councils can see which programs have helped other District Councils tackle challenges similar to theirs. The library can be found here. We hope the library can serve as a database of resources that our members can turn to when identifying possible solutions. The library currently features over 200 TAPs, over 13 years, across over 25 District Councils. …
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ULIsf: Beyond the Elevator Pitch

“Beyond the Elevator Pitch,” the professional engagement and speaking workshop put on by the Women’s Leadership Initiative (WLI) in San Francisco, took place on June 3. ULI San Francisco was fortunate to have two ULI writers in attendance: Lauren Kohli, TRC, and Lindsay Pincus, Studio Architecture, to capture their personal experiences from the sold-out event….
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