The Advisory Services Times-Dispatch, February 2014

This installment of our newsletter includes links to more information about the last few panels completed by ULI Advisory Services; a summary and update of the $800,000 Kresge Grant for the Institute’s resiliency program, and an overview of two recently completed panels – St. Petersburg, and Detroit, a list of upcoming panels this Spring and spotlight on Hon. Glenda E. Hood, the 2013 Robert O’Donnell Award winner. …
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Downtown Tucson, AZ: Advisory Services Panel

With economic conditions improving in Tucson (and throughout the country) and a new streetcar line being put in place for summer 2014, downtown Tucson is primed to catalyze citywide growth. The city of Tucson asked the Urban Land Institute to identify what type of development is recommended for the vacant land within the study area, a 500-acre section of central and western downtown, spanning past Interstate 10. …
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St. Petersburg, FL: Advisory Services Panel

In September, the City of St. Petersburg, Florida, invited ULI to evaluate the downtown waterfront and identify its competitive advantage in the context of the adjacent downtown area and the Tampa–St. Petersburg region. More specifically, the panel spent time with the complete array of downtown waterfront assets, ranging from open space to facilities such as Al Lang Field and Albert Whitted Airport, to determine how they contribute to the long-term benefit of the waterfront, St. Petersburg’s residents, and visitors….
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Colorado Health Foundation and ULI Working to Create Healthier Communities in Colorado

Panelists work on recommendations for creating a healthier Arvada.

In the spring of 2013 the Colorado Health Foundation sponsored three ULI Advisory Services panels in Colorado communities of varying typology with the goal of developing strategies for healthy living environments, where the healthy choice is the easy choice. These panels marked the first time that Advisory Services panels focused specifically on connections between land use and health, and served as a launching point for ULI’s newest initiative, Building Healthy Places….
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Southwest Detroit, MI: Advisory Services Panel

The Southwest Detroit Business Association asked ULI to provide strategic recommendations on a 6.9 acre parcel located at West Vernor & Livernois Avenue. This former Department of Public Works site is strategically located between the relatively successful West Vernor Avenue retail corridor and the industrial parcels adjacent to the CSX intermodal rail facility. The panel was asked a series of land use, market and development potential questions including Identify potential reuses and tenant mix for this site given the current and future trends market conditions in Southwest Detroit….
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After Sandy: Advancing Strategies for Long-Term Resilience and Adaptability

After Sandy

ULI convened 25 industry leaders for an Advisory Services panel to develop land use and investment strategies to help make the areas affected by Hurricane Sandy more resilient and adaptable to future storms. In addition, the panel developed a set of principles that can be applied to other places that are vulnerable to weather-related catastrophes. …
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