BB&T Center, Broward County, FL—Advisory Services Panel


Broward County seeks a comprehensive development vision for transforming the Arena Site into an iconic and dynamic destination that is complimentary to the existing sports and entertainment facility, surrounding neighborhoods, businesses, and developments that are both planned and underway. Development of the site should generate positive economic returns to the cities and the County….
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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania —Advisory Services Panel


The City of Pittsburgh continues to demonstrate a successful transformation from an older rust-belt city to a city of the new economy. The city gets with high marks for addressing the needs of millennials and leveraging the educational and technological opportunities associated with the myriad of universities and techy businesses . However, with all of its recent success many neighborhoods continue to struggle. The East End communities: East Liberty, Larimer, Homewood, Lincoln-Lemington-Belmar and East Hills suffer from high crime, low homeownership, neglected infrastructure and minimal economic development. …
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Nelson Mandela Bay, South Africa — Advisory Services Panel

Picture 20 - Boats in port

The ULI Advisory Services program has conducted a series of panels in the Republic of South Africa. These panels have been conducted at the request of the World Bank in cooperation with the National Treasury of South Africa. These panels are provided to the National Treasury and to participating metropolitan areas that draw on the World Bank’s global experience and network of urban experts. The National Treasury’s Cities’ Support Programme (CSP) is a unit within the National Treasury that provides technical assistance to cities in South Africa. That assistance is aimed at helping cities manage the built environment in a way that promotes economic growth, job creation, access to basic services, environmental sustainability, and public accountability….
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SouthPark, Charlotte, NC —Advisory Services Panel


While SouthPark has historically been an office and retail location, the study area is currently in a significant phase of its evolution. Current development is transforming this suburban activity center to an urban activity center. However, due to the changing trends in development and redevelopment, the community’s desire to protect the existing surrounding single family character, and the increased infrastructure demands, SouthPark requires a comprehensive strategy to sustain and strength the areas future as a premier Charlotte community to live, work, play and invest….
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